Stories told by necklaces, art palette weighting pasta, bow-tie made of wood and little birds singing on bracelets… do you think we are crazy? Don’t worry, we are not going insane, these are only few of the special things you’ll discover at the Fuorisalone. DIN-Design In 2016 presents the impossible: fantasy is going to be sold at the Temporary Shop that materializes the artistic creativity in real products that will be proposed in a unique and charming context. An area for only extraordinary items is set up inside the DIN-Design In 2016; a place where it will be possible to find objects able to break the monotony of the market daily offer.

Invasive multinational corporations… not very original trends… a mass culture always more diffused… In a moment when the conformism rules without being disturbed, DIN-Design In proposes a real different option and it does it in the only way it knows: with good taste and innovative spirit. Two different types of offers that will be able to catch your interest: on one hand, the jewel, speaking aloud about your opposition to the diffused uniformity. On the other hand, the design product: perfect for those loving the aesthetics always keeping an eye wide open on the functionality of the object.

Both the categories refer to the ecommerce and, online selling channels in which selected companies and self-producers address their alternative works to web users always kept-up-to-date. But DIN-Design In also thinks about the web non-lovers, those people that still prefer the tangible reality than the digital one. In fact, analogical and digital meet in a shop absolutely temporary, set up for the Milan Design week in the famous industrial location in Lambrate’s district.

The big event that has been organizing for five years, will host the temporary shop along with the exhibition of 600 products made by international designers. The strategic location is positioned in Massimiano street, 6 / Sbodio street, 9 in Lambrate’s area. Design lovers are invited to be part of the event occurring just once in the year: from the 12th to the 17th of April. Nowadays, being unique is always more difficult, but thanks to DIN, once a year it will be child’s play.

DIN-Design In is an initiative realized by Below, all the projects developed by

Design For, a book/catalogue with the best design-concepts carefully chosen by; a really useful tool for all the producer-companies that can select the best ideas from international designers.

Din-Design In, an expositive event created to give the chance to self-produced-designers to exhibit their creations to an international audience and having the possibility of a better spreading of their concepts., an e-commerce channel dedicated to all the people who loves or creates design and through the website they can make purchasing and selling products.

PROMOTEDESIGN.IT Since 2009 has been promoting design and creativity through a web platform connecting a big collective of designers and architects. Through the portal all registered users can create a professional profile from which they are able to manage personal information, contacts, pictures of products, concept, and developing projects, descriptions and biographies. The system has been conceived to get in touch all the actors in the sector, designers, companies, prototyping labs, photographers, machining workshops, press offices and communication to update and implement a network continuously changing. It is an instrument and an occasion to build new collaborations among different realities. Moreover offers disclosure on news, events, training and contests by giving space to a notice board, videos, legal area where discussing useful subjects for professionals in the sector .

Information and Contacts for the Visitors

DIN – Design In

Dal 12 al 17 aprile 2016

Via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 (Zona Lambrate)

Opening times: everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Free entry

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