Din – Design In returns for the seventh year. An international design event that will take place from 9 to 14 April 2019 at the Milan Design Week. After the success of the previous 6 editions, it confirms its presence within the most stimulating district of Milan Design Week: the Lambrate Design District, where visitors can lose themselves in quality exhibitions created by designers and independent entrepreneurial realities, schools and international academies.

The exhibition venue is a former 2,000 sqm industrial warehouse, where creates an experiential journey by carefully finding and selecting innovative brands, young labels and historic brands to show the best that the contemporary design scene has to offer. In previous editions, Din – Design In hosted over 800 realities from more than 80 different nations who showed their design ideas, describing the design process that led to the creation of the object and highlighted the distinctive features of each single country.

During the 2018 edition – says Enzo Carbone, CEO of Prodes Italia, the company that in 2010 founded – we noticed in the eyes of the visitors the amazement in finding so many international and innovative realities within a single space like this wide. For 2019 we have worked actively to involve organizations and companies from all over the world, which with their products can enhance the Lambrate District”.

The installation “Beyond the Wall” by the artist Erika Calesini will take place on the external wall of the venue. The work aims to convey a message with a strong communicative impact: “Do not give up, go beyond, overcome barriers when we are confronted with difficult situations, such as the barriers that separate us from others”. Design stimulates us to overcome the boundaries to reach the essence of innovation and experimentation.

Upcycling and new materials

Speaking of experimentation, the eco-sustainable aspects of design cannot be overlooked, nowadays more and more aimed at limiting waste and the use of alternative and green materials. This is the case of the RIMU, PUKEN and WALUNG projects by Alessio Tanzini – Alma Eterea Zero Waste Design. RIMU is a horizontal organic compost bin that helps people reduce their organic waste, turning it into useful manure for garden plants. PUKEN is a container for cold storage of fruit and vegetables without the use of electricity. WALUNG is a container for loose food, with the characteristic of having a glass body and a terracotta base on which there is a cut that allows controlled release of food.

Directly from Denmark, UnKnown Furniture, the brand created by Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis, lands in Lambrate and presents [BLACK] series, the first furniture line entirely in volcanic lava / basalt ever created in the world. The flexibility and unique qualities of the material have no limits for creating innovative designs. Lava is also known as volcanic basalt – also known as “green industrial material of the 21st century”. Basalt stones are found in the earth’s crust: they are heated to 1450 degrees Celsius and the liquid mass is pressed through nozzles to produce long fibers. With these fibers, each piece of furniture is shaped by hand.

The Brooklyn based designers collective NOTHING, founded by Caroline Kable, Peter Lokken and Hayoung Lee experiments and uses new materials. Together they create unique, functional and decorative sculptural objects, using natural components. An example is Fabrazzo, a series of recycled paper tiles made with fabric waste.

Design Academies

Great space is left to the Academies and Schools around the world that, with their experimental projects, show the visitors a fresh and avant-garde side of design. One example is the installation carried out by the students of the Masterstudio Design of the FHNW Academy or Art and Design in Basel, which consists of a transparent pneumatic structure filled with Swiss mountain air, ready to offer visitors the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air. fresh air during the hectic week of the Fuorisalone.

Flow Pressure elicit a critical and playful reflection through the bubble symbol, translating it into abstract iterations, such as the environmental bubble and the economic bubble, in a physical and interactive experience that specifically deals with the effects of air pollution.

The University of G. d’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara presents part of the teaching activities developed in the Department of Architecture, within the Design Course. Specifically, students exhibit communicative artifacts designed during the courses. The best results obtained during the first two years of the Product Design course in the kitchen and bathroom furniture and wellness system design are shown. For the Communication area, students propose the best works on the design themes related to the Design of the User Manual of coordinated image for the museums of the Province of Pescara.

The students of the NID, Nuovo Istituto di Design of Perugia, renew their presence at the Din, for the third consecutive year, showing a series of ceramic objects derived from a study on the semiotics of exclusively decorative objects, according to a trend that sees domestic spaces increasingly populated by iconographic accessories.

Art and Design

The artistic component is fundamental this year, which blending with the elegant lines of furniture and furnishing complements, gives life to products halfway between art and design. Directly from Abu Dhabi, it presents its selection of Encrypted Art Gallery products, a fusion of an ancient gallery and a design studio. The result is a conceptual space aimed at showing unique objects that are both functional and aesthetically appreciable. Among all, it stands out Illusion, a table lamp composed of an acrylic block that houses a Light Capsule and a small sink on top. This furnishing accessory with an oriental flavour is the ideal object to place tool of everyday life, masking its functionality with its strong artistic component.

Close to art, of the illustration in this case, are the products of the Pictoom, which derives from the fusion of the words Picture and Room, art in a room. It is therefore not only art and not just furniture: it is the image that dresses the furniture and it is the piece of furniture that gives shape to the image. It is an art that has the strength to come out of paper to create a direct link with people: Pictoom wants to create a piece of furniture made of art that is understandable, human and exciting. This fusion between the two worlds was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Marogna company and some of the most famous Italian illustrators at international level.

Within the industrial space, the Temporary Shop of about 300 square meters signed by, dedicated to the sale of unique and creative contemporary jewellery creations, is also confirmed.

In the outdoor area, dedicated to food, a winter garden will be created, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world who will create stimulating synergies with the designers involved in the exhibition. The Food Court will be an oasis halfway between food and design, where you can relax in the colourful and lively setting of the Lambrate Design District. Among the food proposals Lembo Bistrot, Baladin, Motogrill Guzzi and Luigi’s.


About Space (Italy), ACQUAFUOCO (Italy), AIDA ATELIER Tokyo (Japan), Alberto Vendrame (Italy), Alessio Tanzini – Alma Eterea Zero Waste Design  (Italia), Andrea Toffanin / W.A.T. 1988 (Italy), Arnaud Auclair (France), BANNACH (Germany), BrainOn project by Francesco Cottone – Ivan Martini (Italy), Calcestudio (Italy), COLLI CASA (Italy), Daniela Oldani Ceramiche (Italy), Daniele Giovanelli – Dgsign Pottery (Italy), Daniele Robbiati (Italy), DBE_DiARC_Unina – TRASFORMER DESIGN (Italy), Dipartimento di Architettura / Università G. d’Annunzio di Chieti- Pescara (Italy), DoAC – Design of Art collection (Italy) , Duevì (Italy – Brazil), dukta – flexible wood (Switzerland), DUYGU AZUN KOPRULU (Italy), Encrypted Art Gallery (United Arab Emirates), Erika Calesini (Italy), ERMINIO ALEKOS SERPENTE / eas design studio (Italy), Fem Laboratorio Creativo (Italia), Folding Pets  (Italy), Giovanni Barbieri (Italy), HOSKI / Andrzej Chomski ARBRE / Remigiusz Choluj ARBRE / Rafal Patoka (Poland), Iron Hive (Germany – Italy), Jucá Mobília  (Brazil), Julian Valentin (Switzerland), Kaitlyn Cirielli (Grrreenware) & Max Pratt (Pratt Frameworks) (USA), Kohoutek Old Wood Design (Czech Republic), LAMURRA (Romania), LEGSWERK (Pakistan), LyZadie Design Studio (New Zeland), Masterstudio Design (Switzerland), MAX KASYMOV INTERIOR/DESIGN (Russia), MYPIXXELS (Italia), Nap Design (Italy), NE Studio (Brazil – Italy), NID – Nuovo Istituto Design (Italy), NOTHING (USA), NOVE.3 (Italy), NURB (Italy), paolo  colpo  architetto  – progetto  piccola  italia (Italy), PICTOOM (Italy), SEKKEI SUSTAINABLE DESIGN (Italy), Shijian Design (China), sid&sign (Italy), Sologgetti (Italy), SPARX Living (The Netherlands), Stefano Cavalli (Italy), Studio Dip  (Italy), TOO (Australia), Unknown Furniture / The [BLACK] series (Denmark), Vittorio Scarnati (Italy), YU RONG (USA)

Temporary Shop by Artistar Jewels

ADRIANA GUELFI HERRERA (Uruguay), Angie Wu / AWU Studio (China), Anna Hüfner (Germany), AQVA & Co S.R.L (Italy), Atelier Kirie (Italy), Belle Paiva Jewelry (Brazil), Carolina Ravarini (Italy), Cynthia Nge – Minicyn (France), Dalia AbuSharar Jewelry (Jordan), DOMENIKA KONSTANTINIDI / LA LUPA DESIGNS (Greece), Farah Abdelhamid (Egypt), Francesca Paolin / Paolin 3D (Italy), Guido Guzzi – MYOWN® (Italy), Hawraa Almaqseed/ INDSOPH – aich Jewellery (Kuwait), IMMAGO jewels (Italy), INEKE OTTE (The Netherlands), IVONOVI (Singapore), LAURA VISENTIN (Italy), LEFFLOW.COM (Greece), Lunante (Italy), Malvina – Body Ornaments (Italy), MARCO DAL MASO (Italy), Midzo (Croatia), Natalia Ntefa Art & Jewellery (Greece), Nera Weiss (Italy – Germany), nooii (Italy), Olga Oblezina (Russia), Pikaya Jewellery (UK), PiLAR BAKER (USA), SEBNEM MELIS YARMAN  / UBIK LAB (Turkey), Slate Jewelry by Christine Rio (Canada), Sonja Attar / Wild City (Austria), SUÌ fine geometry (Slovenia), Sunset Yogurt / Cosima Montavoci (Italy)


Dr. Hauschka Experience

Erika Calesini

Food Court

Beer Bike Baladin, Che Fico, Il Battello di Arona, Lembo Bistrot, Luigi’s, MotoGrill Guzzi, Open Baladin On The Road, Ramen Oriental Street Food, Sicilandia

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