The fifth edition of the Milanese tasting event, which brought together, at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Italian and international companies from the food, wine, and spirits sectors, has concluded with great success.

Milan, May 21, 2024Sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, Best Wine Stars welcomed over 6000 visitors, including 45% buyers and 20% journalists. From May 18th to May 20th, attendees had the opportunity to explore over 1200 labels and participate in various educational sessions held during the three days of Best Wine Stars.

Participating companies engaged with approximately 3900 industry professionals, both Italian and foreign, representing 15 countries: press, buyers, distributors, importers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, as well as numerous enthusiasts, reaffirming the widespread interest among the general public.

Enzo Carbone, Founder of Prodes Italia, the company behind Best Wine Stars, stated: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the three-day event, thanks in part to the extensive participation of industry professionals. This rewards the hard work done in the preceding months. The audience turnout was extraordinary, and we are grateful for the appreciation of the high-quality content and interventions. I would like to thank all the companies that participated with great enthusiasm, showcasing their products and territories to the public.”

Throughout the event’s three days, various topics related to the world of wine and spirits were explored through numerous meetings, presenting participants with different production realities and their products, accompanied by typical baked goods from the Love Gargano company.

Also, the success of masterclasses and talks was once again confirmed, with full attendance in the Piranesi Hall during all three days of the event. Fabio Bacchi, Founder of BarTales and Roma Bar Show; Adua Villa, Wine Writer and Digital Entrepreneur; Valentina Vercelli, Professional Journalist for La Cucina Italiana, Condé Nast Traveller, Slowine, and Civiltà del Bere; Francesco Quarna, Radio DEEJAY Speaker and Winemaker; Stefania Vinciguerra, Editor-in-Chief of DoctorWine; Mattia Asperti, Sommelier and Professional Taster, Creator of the Il Sommelier Divino community; and Giambattista Marchetto, Wine Journalist and Director of Vinonews24, intervened during the various educational moments to recount the history and uniqueness of the various wine and spirits companies presented.

Also highly appreciated was this year’s novelty, the BWS Village, an elegant and comfortable area located on the Balcony of Palazzo Del Ghiaccio and enriched with the extraordinary creations of Non di Solo Legno, dedicated to the press and industry operators. Here, attendees could admire some of the labels from the companies present in the parterre.

Sunday, May 19th, began with the Best Wine Stars Awards ceremony. Hosted by entrepreneur, sommelier, and wine writer Adua Villa, the ceremony saw the presence of exhibiting companies, as well as numerous journalists and restaurateurs.

The Best Red Wine award was won by Albino Armani Viticoltori Dal 1607 for their label Egle Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore 2022, for identifying and investing in the highest hills of Valpolicella Classica, in Marano, where the vineyards occupy the last strip of cultivable land before the extreme limit of the mountain. Cantine Mastrangelo won the Best White Wine award with the label Margherì Matera Greco DOC 2021, a wine that surprised with its freshness and evolving closure given by its sweeter and softer notes, not resulting from a passage in wood but rather the fruit of a slow evolution. The Best Rosé Wine award was assigned to Château de Saint-Martin, represented in Italy by Vini di Francia, for the label Eternelle Favorite Cru Classe 2023, Cotes De Provence AOC, which conquered everyone for its extreme refinement and elegance, and for the typical Provencal pink color. Raineri Franciacorta was recognized with the Best Sparkling Wine award for their Blanc de Blancs produced with pure Chardonnay, which rests for 30 months on the lees, Raineri Franciacorta DOCG Satèn 2020.

Selected by Adua Villa were also the winners of the Best Vinum Innovation, Best Hospitality Project, and Best Green Project awards. The Resveratrolo aumentato project by Le Vigne di Isabella e Cecilia won the Best Vinum Innovation award. Colle Delle 100 Bottiglie S.S. Societa’ Agricola was awarded the Best Green Project for the landscape recovery of two historic Lucchese crus (Maolina and Segale) and for the rescue and enhancement of ancient cultivars. Finally, the Best Hospitality Project award was won by Corte San Ruffillo, for reinterpreting traditional hospitality activities in a contemporary and attractive key by investing in service quality and aesthetics.

Expert Fabio Bacchi, on the other hand, was tasked with awarding the Best Herbal Liqueurs and Best Spirits prizes. In particular, Amaro Amaravigghia 2024 by the Sicilian company Maravigghia Srl won the Best Herbal Liqueurs prize. Best Spirit was won by Saint Bernard Distillery Srl with their Gin Alpine 2023, thanks to its testimony of ancient craftsmanship.

Stefania Conti, journalist for StarZ N TV, a program broadcast on Sky Italia, awarded Ca’ Boschi srl for the Best Logo and The Sea is Life Poseidon Gin with the Best Label prize. The Landini Award, presented by Filippo Pappagallo, Sales Area Manager of the Agro Tractors Group, was assigned to Bulfon.

For this edition, two other important awards were also assigned: Best Buyer Selection and MILANO WINE EXPLORER – Best Wine Stars Tips. The latter recognition was awarded to Milanese and Lombard entities distinguished by their wine and spirits proposals: Metodo Froma, Armonia Restaurant & Bar, Ciz Cantina e Cucina, Cocciuto, Langosteria, La cantina di Manuela, Al Cortile, Cantina Piemontese, Bicerìn Milano, drinc. Group, Cantine MILANO – WINE & RESTAURANT, Cantine Isola dal 1896, and The Doping Bar – Aethos Milan.

John Azucena, Wine Importer ID Beverage & Wine Distributor PW Distributors NY; Paola Longo, owner of Enoteca Longo; and Niccolò Giancarlo Cavrioli, Wine Specialist Partesa, instead awarded the Best Buyer Selection prize, special mentions dedicated to those labels they found most interesting for their markets. The award went to Aljano, Casal Dell’Arco – 1932, Azienda Agricola Col Parè, Cantina Cerbero and Cantina La Lignite, assigned by John Azucena. Niccolò Giancarlo Cavrioli, on the other hand, honored Attanasio Giuseppe, Cantina Colle Mora, Cantina Ferrari, Colesel, and Tenuta di Artimino. Finally, Tenuta Massanova was selected by Paola Longo.

Finally, this year too, Best Wine Stars went beyond the confines of Palazzo del Ghiaccio with a Best Wine Stars Business Dinner. The dinner, organized at the Armonia Restaurant & Bar, allowed selected guests to discover more closely the excellences of the companies Arche’ srl, Borgoverde Società Agricola, Champagne Jarry Heritage, Feudo del Balio, Le Vigne di Isabella e Cecilia, and Sensi ViniFattoria di Calappiano, paired with dishes specifically designed for each label.

Best Wine Stars is already gearing up for a new challenge in view of the sixth edition, with the aim of continuing to offer national and international realities to the public and promoting the wine and spirits sector more and more.

All labels of the companies participating in the event are available for purchase on the e-commerce platform


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COMPANY PROFILE: Best Wine Stars is an initiative of the Prodes Italia group, which has been operating for years in the high jewelry, design, and art sectors. The founder of the now consolidated annual event Artistar Jewels, Prodes Italia reflects in this new project the same uniqueness and style. In 2019, the company organized the first edition of Milano Jewelry Week, the Milanese Week celebrating the history, tradition, and innovation of the fascinating world of international jewelry.

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