On February 15th 2018, at the Spazio Donno of Via Conte Rosso 36, it took place the press conference to present the Lambrate district and events that will be the protagonists of the 2018 Fuorisalone. Moderator of the event was the architect Davide Chiesa, founder of the online magazine DesignTellers.it. During the conference we wanted to give space to the main organizers of the events, which have had the opportunity to tell something about the events scheduled and the news in the program.

The Milan Design Week 2018 will take place from the 17th until the 22nd of April and there are already a lot of events confirmed in the area between via Massimiano, via Ventura and via Conte Rosso. In fact, this is just a preview of all the events that are going to enliven the district. News will be released in the following weeks.

The first speakres was Enzo Carbone, director of Prodes Italia, which this year has taken over the management of all the communication plan of the Lambrate Design District. The project would like to go beyond design, keeping the district alive throughout the year with weeks dedicated to fashion, food, art and greens. Prodes Italia is also the founder of Promotedesign.it, that every year organizes Din – Design In, that has now reached its 6th edition and takes place in a strategic location located in via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9. In the former hangar of 2,000 square meters, temple of international creativity, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the products of designers, companies, schools, organizations and worldwide famous architechts. Promotedesign.it has the primary goal of putting in contact and attracting the interest of the design-producers and buyers, making them aware of the increasing creativity offer. Every year various collateral events are created, like the Temporary Shop area in which Artistarjewels.com is reconfirmed after last year’s success. It will be possible to buy creative pieces of contemporary jewelry, that are going to be the perfect element that makes your outfit unique. In addition, a large area will be dedicated to exhibiting products from leading design universities. Among the confirmed NID, New Institute of Design, Academy of Arts, architecture and design of Prague and Academie Artemis of Amsterdam.

Afterwards Stefano Epis, creator of DesignCircus, has the chance during the conference to show to the public its exceptional location: It’s Spazio Donno with its 700 square meters, directly overlooking Via Conte Rosso 36. DesignCircus selects few italian and international designers for an innovative and contemporary event. In this location, full of charme and unique details, the designers will exhibit their products and projects about house automation. Among the previews that will be presented are the products created by La Erre Flight Case; the sounds in the wood of Alessio De Stefano; the furniture in marble of Niccolò Garbati and the cascade of lamps “Meduse” and the suspended partition walls “Ice” of the Atelier Dall’Osso. But also: the Mamatelab ceramics in which minimalism and attention to details blend in a harmonious whole; the suspended lamps and vases by Milena Schiano and Elena De Angelis and the Hydroponic Garden Plantui Smart Garden by Stefano Ghesini to discover the pleasure of cultivating salads and aromatic herbs in complete autonomy at home. During the event there are also numerous artists alongside the designers, such as Donatella Sommariva, Maria Pia Rossini, Andrea Moares with her sculpture candles and Evelyn Daviddi with her unusual tapestries. DesignCircus was born in 2014 with the aim of enhancing and giving visibility to independent design and artists, offering real business opportunities, with shop events, and with co-marketing, and networking. From the first event to date, more than 450 designers have been selected and involved in the numerous events organized each year.

Again re-confirmed another mainstay of the Lambrate area: FUORISALMONE. Since only the dead fishes follow the flow, this event shows us a network made by experts and entrepreneurs that swim against the flow. An active network that creates connections between creativity and designers is the one presented by Emanuele Pezzotta, the excellence of the companies, the potentials of the products and the market resources. During the Design Week, FUORISALMONE presents for its 5th edition a solid project oriented at experts of this field. Located in the lofts of via Massimiano 25, the event offers real business opportunities and interactions between experts and businessmen.

STUDIO CR34, an interior and product design studio founded this year in Milan, is also organizing an event for the Fuorisalone. Studio CR34, located in via Conte Rosso 34, boasts already many collaborations with famous international architects. More details will be released about this specific event in the following months, but we can reveal that Roberto Di Stefano and Ettore Vincentelli are organizing a special visit to their location for all the visitors of the design district.

Francesco Pallino speaks then in charge of SHARED HOUSE: CO-DIVIDUAL Architecture. Conceived as a space off the Triennale di Millano within the exhibition organized by Stefano Mirti entitled “999 questions on contemporary living” in progress from 12 January to 6 April 2018. If the twentieth century celebrated in-dividualism, we believe that the 21st century will be the century of co-dividualism, or the rediscovery of community ties, spaces for being together, places to weave new possibilities to meet. The interest is born to try out a new housing typology: the shared house, that is a house with common spaces conceived as a result of warm and simple, funny and contemporary design reflections where people who will use this house for a short time will have common spaces. In these kind of spaces they will give life to start-ups, where they can cook together, experiment with new ergonomics uses of public space in the private space. In the location of Via Ventura, 3, in addition to experimenting with new practices of being together, it is expected to host debates, meetings, exhibitions of objects and photographs. SHARED HOUSE: CO-DIVIDUAL Architecture is the result of a collaboration between FARM CULTURAL PARK and its founder Andrea Bartoli, LAPS ARCHITECTURE by Salvator-John A. Liotta and Fabienne Louyot, A14HUB, POLITECNICO of MILAN for which the prof. Marco Imperadori.

Speaks in the end the pillar of the 2018 edition: the architect Simone Micheli, who has been among the protagonists of the dynamic district for several years. Micheli will give life to two exhibitions: Hotel Regeneration (16 – 22 April 2018) at the Officina Ventura 14 and The precious apartment in Puntaldìa (17-22 April 2018) at Simone Micheli studio – gallery. Hotel Regeneration: the biggest event-agora realized for the Milanese kermesse in the contract field, in collaboration with Tourism Investment, PKF hotelexperts & AboutHotel, which will cover an area of over 4000 square meters, will present to the visitor many different environments dedicated to hospitality. Each section, designed for the occasion by the architect and made up of tailor-made products, will be dedicated to a different hotel chain with the aim of making concrete the mix between the desires and the real satisfaction of the needs of the customers. The visitor can deal with fascinating installations and become an active part of debates of considerable value and high interest during the Hospitality & Design Forum – a dynamic container for conferences, networking, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions dedicated to developers, hoteliers, hotel groups, companies , architects, interior designers and real estate consultants. The precious apartment in Puntaldìa under the patronage of ImmobilSarda, is an ethical and intelligent project, which tells a new way of imagining architecture aimed at redefining the concept of luxury in accordance with the evolution of the needs of today’s man and the fluidity of contemporary living space; a virtual exhibition that during the Fuorisalone will show the visitor the interior of the apartment designed by Simone Micheli and at the same time a permanent, concrete and active show-room where every guest can touch the excellence of the products made and supplied by the companies. The virtual exhibition, with charm and skill, will guide the visitor inside the new private residence – in the exclusive residential complex of Puntaldìa, one of the most prestigious resorts in the north-west area of Sardinia – with the aim of offering the observer a more concrete than ever tasting of the characteristics and traits that the work will take.

The events will not be over at 8pm when the gates of the hangar will be closed: WEating, located in the inner yard of Din – Design In and Street Food Experience at Giardino Ventura, will take place. It’s a great chance to hang out until late night to deeply live the energy of the district.

WEating, located in the inner yard of Din – Design In, presents a selection of Food Trucks in a dedicated space set up as an event in the event. Common denominator between the two entities is the passion for the taste, for the earth and its products but above all the exemplary attention on the appearance, that represents a bridge between these two exhibitions. Lambrate Design District wants to make of these excellences its strength, providing the visitors with an emotional experience, full of cultural entertaining sparks. This will not only support the design event, but it will also complete the whole experience.

Street Food Experience, located at Giardino Ventura, becomes a gourmet garden, a unique sensorial experience that provides smell, colours and tastes of the finest Street Food , with coordinated appointments during the whole day. Focus of the event is the high quality street food, with food trucks that will be offering the best Italian and international food, with the latest trends about food and design. There will be the chance to see masterclasses by startups in this field and show cooking held by prestigious guests, whose aim is to share with the visitors the best knowledge of Italian food. Barmans and international djs will finally entertain the guests from Happy Hour until late night.

New reality is the Art space of KKM group, which hosts the event “Michele Vitaloni Sculpture & Design” during the Fuorisalone 2018. The event offers an important selection of works by the internationally renowned sculptor, presenting for the occasion its new hyper-realistic creations related to the animal world and a new design line created by the same artist and inspired by naturalistic subjects. This exhibition is a fusion of Art and Design, which become a single subject linked to the wild world with the processing of different materials that narrate an exclusive way of living the living world. At the event will also be present the paintings by Claudio Verganti and the design by Sergio Linzi.

The great dynamism of these events makes the heart of the Lambrate Design District pulsating and involving.

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