The second edition of Weating, food truck design festival organized in the internal garden of Din – Design In 2018, returns after the success of 2017. The concept of food truck is here renewed, creating synergies between design and the world of food. This second edition renews the goal of highlighting quality food, drawing on the food trends of the past years. This is how Weating takes shape, during an event like the Fuorisalone, followed by a public that is good food lover and attentive to the aesthetic.

Weating 2018 is located inside the industrial hangar in via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 and takes place in two spaces next to the location of Din – Design In, set up as a real dining area with tables, chairs and designer furniture. Result of a careful selection, food trucks cease to represent simple bridges between the exhibitions, gaining a dedicated space and set up as a real event within the event.

Among the realities that will revive this initiative: from Sicily Marchese – Cannoli on wheels with its cart that recalls the colors and lines of typical Sicilian carts, equipped with a patented refrigeration system that allows to fill at the moment the wafer of Sicilian cannoli produced from the pastry chef and founder Alessandro Marchese. The most important thing is the research for the raw material of excellence and the experimentation of new combinations such as the Marfisia cannolo with candied ginger and raspberry or Morgana with dark chocolate and salted caramel. Absolutely to try!

Moving a little in our peninsula we meet La Puccia with the typical Salentine sandwich, soft inside and crunchy outside, thanks to a process of natural leavening, the use of durum wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and cooked in the wood oven, stuffed with artisan products. From Puglia is also the evocative Moto Grill Guzzi, which with its Bombette di Cisternino reaches the aim of bringing the cuisine of Puglia in the mouth of everyone on a vintage vehicle.

Traveling to central Italy we find Luigi’s, specialized in original recipes from the experience of Street Food, using only the highest quality raw materials selected by local Italian excellence. Their preparations make it possible to taste the best Tuscan ingredients directly at Lambrate. Roman in name and in fact is Ape Cesare, a small ape-car that contains the spontaneity and experience of two boys who want to rediscover their culture and their excellence. Needless to say that the gastronomic proposal of Ape Cesare respects the Roman tradition of street food, always
characterized by sandwiches with salumi of the highest quality and the fried food most loved by the Romans. The culinary journey also passes through the Marche region with O’liva, a food truck specializing in the very famous olives from the Ascoli area.

And if the South offers a rich and tasty offer, the North replies with products that live up to expectations. Trying to follow the trends of the moment, Din – Design In has selected a product that is widespread and consumed at different levels: beer. For beer lovers, Baladin offers a variety of this product, with high quality products dedicated to enthusiasts. Rivers of beer will then flow to the exhibition in the Lambrate area thanks to Open Baladin On The Road, which with its truck will bring to Milan the craft beer produced by the famous Turinese company.

The Milanese Meatball Family, a food truck born from the restaurant opened in the Navigli area by Roberto Galli with the collaboration of illustrious entrepreneurs, is already the owner. He launches the idea of building a project around Meatball, the Italian meatball so beloved in the United States, welcoming the sports journalist Luca Serafini, the actor Diego Abatantuono and the food consultant Nadir Malagò, who elaborated and developed the project On the road and Street Food Restaurant. The name Meatball Family, translated into “La Famiglia delle Polpette”, comes from the american revisiting of one of the most important concepts of Italian cuisine in the kitchen: the family that gathers around the table is in fact the environment in which some of the most important recipes of our tradition are born.

The culinary journey ends with the European influences of Las Bravas offering a culinary experience of Iberian flavors bringing a corner of Spain in a blue trailer shaped like a Citroen Hy, a real tapas bar on wheels.

The common denominator among the above mentioned realities is the passion for taste, love for the land and its products, but above all the exemplary attention to the aesthetic. Din – Design In wants to make these excellence its strenght, to offer visitors an experience full of emotions, cultural ideas and fun that is not only supportive, but that complete the experience of the exhibition.

Weating c/o Din – Design In

From 17th until 22nd April 2018

via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 – Milan

17/21 april 2018 from h. 10:00 to 22:00

22 april 2018 from h. 10:00 to 18:00

Special Opening Wednesday 18th april from 10:00 to 24:00

Free Entry

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