All the lights are shining on Artistar Jewels. The fifth edition of the event with the protagonists of contemporary jewelry will be on February 2018, during the Milan Fashion Week. The prestigious location of the historical Palazzo dei Giureconsulti is reconfirmed as the context of the exhibition and the opening day will be addressed to press and buyers.

More than 300 will be the one-of-a-kind creations selected and exhibited for their high artistic value, for the technical sperimentation, the innovative features and their strong emotional appeal and last but not least for their stylistic research. Artistar Jewels is one of the successful events by Enzo Carbone and it’s an international showcase for accomplished artists and springboard for emerging creatives.

The jury made of experts that will have the duty of evaluating the creation is made of: Elisabetta Barracchia, Director of Vogue Accessory and Creative Director of the Fashion Department of Vanity Fair; Maristella Campi, fashion and costume journalist, Gianni De Liguoro, founder and stylist of the bijoux brand De Liguoro and Guido Solari, founder and owner of Scuola orafa Ambrosiana di Milano via Savona, 20 and Irina Slesareva, Chief Editor of Jewellery Review Magazine and Creative Director of Russian Line Jewellery Contest.

The three winners will have the chance to participate for free in Artistar Jewels 2019 with special contents in the book published in 2019. For the first time thirty creations will be protagonists of a special show in a still top secret location.

Furthermore, Artistar Jewels is carrying on with the the collaboration with Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milan, that will offer to a young designer the free participation to Professional Goldsmithing course to learn the most important techniques creating several goldsmithing works.

During the show there will be a special area that will host the creation realized by De Liguoro maison in collaboration with the Egyptian designer Reem Jano Jewelry, winner of “De Liguoro” prize in the previous edition. Moreover, the area will also be dedicated to three international special guests.

On February 2018, during the Milan Fashion Week, the winners of the contest will be announced in Palazzo dei Giureconsulti.

All the selected creations will be published in the volume Artistar Jewels 2018. The introductive texts will be curated by Eugenia Gadaleta, Fashion & Jewellery Communication Expert and communication teacher, together with Maristella Campi – fashion and costume journalist. Published by Logo Fausto Lupetti, the book will be available nationally and internationally: sold in all the Italian libraries and in the main European cities and shipped to more than 5000 experts.

To take part in Artistar Jewels 2018 artists and designers need to send the presentation to Further information and the complete announcement can be sound on the official website /

Artistar Jewels is an international project aimed at highlighting the pluralism of the contemporary jewelry in its variety, able to show all its aesthetic beauty. The initiatives include several features: the creation of a big show during the Fashion Week of Milan, the communication on specialised magazines, a prestigious publication, the realization of a photographic shooting and also the possibility of selling on the e-commerce, awards and recognition for the most worthy artists and distribution in international concept stores and galleries.

ARTISTAR JEWELS PROFILE: Artistar Jewels is the landmark for all the artists and designers of contemporary jewelry. Through different strategies, it promotes them inserting them in an international market in constant evolution. Artistar offers several services useful to guide the artists in their professional growth; events creation in all the world, planning of customized communication strategies, creation of new business opportunities and placement in the market are only some of the services for the artists that entrust their growth to it. The main scope is the development of useful chances for our artists to get them to success.

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