The collective exhibition inside the suggestive location Palazzo Grillo in Genoa.

Milano, 06/04/2022 – From 29 April to 12 May 2022 in Genoa, at Palazzo Grillo, the first Artitoode exhibition will be held, which will feature 12 internationally renowned artists.

The collective exhibition will present the works of the painters SAFU, Federica Poletti and Attilio Cianni, the sculptures of the artists Gennaro Barci, Paolo Nicolai, Ivano Facchetti and Marcello Silvestre, the illustrations by Luisa Piglione and the performances of CRI ECO, Claudia Taccia and Grazia Inserillo. Valter Adam Casotto will also be present among the already established artists. Finally, Milena Nicosia, Santicri and Giuseppe De Faveri complete the list of the protagonists of the event.

A setting of historical character, the enchanting Palazzo Grillo will host the event in its exhibition area on the first floor, embellished with richly decorated walls with entire cycles of grotesque frescoes made by the Bergamasco from 1560 onwards.

Palazzo Grillo will be the setting for works by emerging and established artists, who combine the value of tradition with the most innovative artistic proposals. The cornerstone of the exhibition will be the investigation of the physical relationship between man and the space/time dimension in which he lives, and all the psychological responses that arise from this bond.

An investigation that humans have been carrying with them since the dawn of time, and which today more than ever, is influenced by the socio-cultural context of the new millennium and, above all, by the events of recent years, is increasingly profound. The digital world, virtual and imaginary space, has indeed changed the ancestral meaning of place, which is less and less physical and real.

The ideas that circulate are no longer strictly local, but travel globally and create connections, dense networks of interaction between distant places and ever closer identities.

ARTITOODE wants to deepen, through an exhibition project, the different possibilities of physical and tangible union and to highlight how, in an increasingly interconnected world, the exchange of ideas creates new cultural dimensions, global rather than local spirits and deep human relationships, which determine creativity, culture and art in the strict sense.

The rooms of Palazzo Grillo will be, like the boundless rooms of dreams, the place in which to rediscover deep bonds and build a shared understanding of the world, in which space, interacting with human experience, builds a shared understanding of the world, which comes to fruition in the dream dimension.

Lived or imagined dimensions come to life in memories, in mind and, finally, in the dream: we must indeed dream, in a process in which the associations of thought flow free and are not filtered by rationality, so that a site absorbs our energy, taking on an air distinctive and peculiar.

The oneiric aspect thus overlaps, in the spatial conception, with the real and mnemonic one, allowing you to go beyond physical limits in search of a higher and ideal measure.

Finally, ARTITOODE is also a project created with the aim of establishing an exclusive and international reference point in the art sector. You will be able to discover the works of some artists presented in the exhibition, but also many other artworks on the new platform It is a social commerce created to give life to an exclusive community able to establish strong connections, favouring the birth of new ideas, starting and consolidating relationships of great value between the various operators in the sector.


Curated by

Prodes Italia

Palazzo Grillo, Genova

29th April – 12th May 2022

Opening: Friday 29th April 2022 – h 18:00

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