The Milanese wine event adds news with an international and contemporary taste.

Milan, 06/04/2022 – Best Wine Stars, the tasting event characterized by the constant search for innovation and talent, returns for its third edition on 14 and 15 May 2022. Among the news of the next edition we can see the introduction of international wineries, spirits companies, high-level champagne houses and collaborations with media and wine influencers aimed at bringing an ever more attentive audience to industry news. The carefully selected tastings of historic labels from all over Italy, masterclasses led by industry experts and prestigious awards have also been confirmed.

The event, founded and organized by Prodes Italia, Milanese company specialized in the promotion of the luxury sector, confirms once again the collaboration with the entrepreneur, sommelier and wine writer Adua Villa, at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, a historic and iconic Art Nouveau building in Milan.

To maximize the visibility of all the protagonists of the event, Prodes Italia, company always attentive to innovations in the technological field and new communication languages, has also decided to involve the influencer and sommelier Giulia Sattin who will tell the two days of the event through live content.

Following the event, all the companies will be included in the Best Wine Stars 2022 volume, published by Fausto Lupetti Editore, distributed in the main Italian and international bookshops and sent to more than 5,000 commercial contacts in the sector. To support the wineries of the regions of Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia in their promotion in Milan, the publishing house has allocated, for this year, a fund of 10,000 euros which will cover part of the shareholding of the companies.

On 14 and 15 May there will be 250 companies from the wine sector and – an absolute news of this edition – from the spirits sector. Spirits companies have been carefully selected for their innovation, originality and the high quality of their products.

Domenis1898“, is a reality that was founded in 1898. The value of its products comes from its 120 years of wisdom and mastery and has received various awards at the Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards wine competition. From Tuscany, “Distillerie Prete“, whose main value is the constant research in the determination of assemblies, analysis on finished products and organoleptic forecasts of each product on the basis of chemical and sensorial evaluations. From Lombardy were selected: “Distillerie Peroni Maddalena“, “Testacoda Gin” and “Eugin Distilleria Indipendente”. “Distillerie Peroni Maddalena” is differentiated by distillates that give time a moment in which to stop and meditate. With the desire to create organic spirits, with strong sensory notes, the company “Testacoda Gin” was born in 2017. Its products have been awarded at the International Taste Awards 2020. Another name among those present for the spirits category is the Brianza-based company “Eugin Distilleria Indipendente“, winner of six awards at the International Taste Awards 2020. The Varani Gin company comes directly from Lazio, offering a single label rich in nuances and with an unmistakable taste. Finally, McHenry Distillery Tasmania brings one of the best Australian gins to Italy, obtained from the exclusive use of native botanicals.

Always innovative and attentive to selection on the international scene, Best Wine Stars has introduced for this edition two sought-after champagne houses: Jean Philippe Trousset, historic champagne family since the seventeenth century and Rochet Bocart, a young vigneronne with a perfect mastery of art champenois . These two houses are distributed in Italy by Alberto Massucco Champagne, a company founded by Alberto Massucco, a well-known importer and producer of champagne.

Moreover, like every year, food excellences cannot be missing, all carefully selected, which will accompany the wine tastings.

Given the public success of the masterclasses recorded in previous editions, Best Wine Stars has decided to increase these moments of in-depth analysis. The public will be able to meet both historical production companies and new unpublished talents through vertical tastings in over 12 masterclasses held by excellent experts. The following companies have joined the masterclasses: Alberto Massucco Champagne, Ba&co, Cà du Ferrà Wine & Tasting, Cantina di La-Vis e Valle di Cembra, Cantina Mingazzini, Cantina Moscone, Cantina Numa, Casa Vinicola Fazio, Casalis Douhet, Conte Leopardi Dittajuti, Isula, LETERRE, Marisa Cuomo, Marchioli Wines, Rete del Pinot bianco nel Collio, Sensi, Tenute d’Italia, Tenute Tomasella, Valdo Spumanti and Vinicola Sacro Cuore.

Also for 2022 the Best Wine Stars Awards will be assigned: Best Sparkling Wine, Best White Wine, Best Red Wine, Best Communication Strategy declined in Best Logo and Best Label which will give the winners the opportunity to be involved in prestigious events organized by Prodes Italia. The Landini Award is among the 2022 news; the brand, as Main Sponsor, will establish a prize for the winner that can be used to purchase one of their products. Landini is the glorious and historic Italian brand of the Argo Tractors Group which designs and builds an articulated range of efficient and performing agricultural tractors and which bases its strength on the integration of resources and specialization.

Acque Minerali Val Menaggio was selected as the technical partner of the event. The partner will supply the Chiarella low mineral content water, Sympòsion line, which flows from the heart of the mountains surrounding Lake Como. The company has recently won the If Design Award 2021, the oldest and most prestigious European design award which saw the participation of over 10,000 candidates from 52 different countries.

Vinstrip‘s unique design will dress the glasses for tasting. Practical and resistant, the specially chosen cup holder pockets will accompany visitors and their glasses throughout the event.

Thanks to Thrill International, the glasses will be continuously sanitized and cooled, ready to use in seconds. In fact, in addition to reducing the use of ice, professional glass coolers remove 88% of the bacteria from the glass that cause bad odors and unpleasant aftertaste that pollute the quality of wines.

After the success in the 2019 edition, MEMORvINO is back, the digital solution dedicated to exhibitors of tasting events. All visitors, in fact, will receive a glass with an electronic chip on it. By placing the glass on the device, which will be placed on each tasting counter, at the end of the event you will receive a report of all the tastings carried out and the company contacts.

Each label present at the Best Wine Stars 2022 event will be available on the e-commerce platform In addition, on the site, you can find all the companies that have joined the project and will be present at the event, where you can purchase the various wines tasted, directly from the producers.

To participate in Best Wine Stars 2022 you can buy tickets online at the following LINK

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COMPANY PROFILE:  Best Wine Stars is an initiative of Prodes Italia, which has been operating for years in the high jewelry, design and art sector. Founder of the annual event consolidated over the years Artistar Jewels, Prodes Italia reflects the same uniqueness and style in this new project. In 2019 the company created the first edition of the Milano Jewelry Week, a week entirely dedicated to the world of contemporary jewelry.

14 and 15 May 2022 –  Milan
Facebook e Instagram: @BestWineStars
Saturday: from 12:00 to 21:00
Sunday: from 12:00 to 21:00