The selections are open for the fourth edition of the tasting event which will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of May 2023 with many new features and important confirmations.

Milan, 25th January 2023 – After last year’s success, the fourth edition of the Best Wine Stars tasting-event is back, once more to give the city engaging opportunities to explore and deepen, both for experts and for enthusiasts of the food and wine, and distilling industry.

For the second consecutive year, Best Wine Stars will take place at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, the splendid Art Nouveau building which will host over 200 selected companies in its particular parterre of over 2400 square meters, for three days.

Carried out by Prodes Italia srl, Best Wine Stars is an annual project that intents to offer an exclusive experience among new trends, social strategies and emerging technologies. In fact, the culture of wine and distillates will be promoted at 360° through various channels and different strategies, all thanks to storytelling and of course the uniqueness of each product and company. As a result, the occasion is an excellent opportunity to present one’s self to a great public as well as to the people involved in the sector.

The absolute novelty of this edition, in line with the market trends related to this category, will be the presence of an organic area, entirely dedicated to companies that have sustainability as their mission. People have shown that they are much more aware of the environmental issues, and Best Wine Stars wants to reflect the trends of our times and the needs of the people, by offering a selection of organic and natural excellences.

Following the excellent results obtained in the previous edition, the offer related to the international companies and distillates is expanding, as these represent a rather strong niche and they are highly appreciated by consumers.

Just like the previous editions, the Best Wine Stars Awards, which are important recognitions given to the participants of the project, will be assigned to winners. This year there will be two new categories: Best Spirits and Best Rosè Wine, in addition to the already existing Best Sparkling Wine, Best White Wine, Best Red Wine, Best Logo and Best Label. The winners of the Best Sparkling Wine, Best White Wine, Best Red Wine, Best Spirits and Best Rosè Wine awards will win free of charge participation in the 2024 edition, while the wineries that win Best Logo and Best Label will have the opportunity to be the Wine Sponsor in international events organized by Prodes Italia. The Landini Award has again been confirmed for the year 2023, thanks to the partnership between BWS and the Italian brand belonging to Argo Tractors Group, which, as the Main Sponsor,  will select the best winery. The award will be a commemorative plaque and a voucher which can be used to buy a Landini tractor. By creating a profitable relationship between the protagonists of the supply chain, and by encouraging their presence and competitiveness, this partnership has the intention of promoting the Italian wine excellence.

As the Italian country manager of Argo Tractors, Mario Danieli, comments: “Landini is an Italian prestigious brand, a symbol of Made in Italy, and recognized as the synonym of Quality, also beyond the borders of the country. The values we easily find in Italian wines, has also been appreciated and recognized all over the world. Just like the manufacturers who cultivate and take care of the grapes with dedication, professionalism, and passion, in order to create wines of excellence, we invest, research, and work, in order to offer efficient and technological products to this competitive market.”

In this sense, our group embraces this event and its protagonists, by emphasising the natural proximity to this sector, thanks to the technology of our specialist tractors, which improves and optimizes work in the vineyards. Argo Tractors has been committed to innovation for years, thanks to major investments in R&D (research and development). We cultivate a passion for work in agriculture with a particular attention to the human factor”. Adds Danieli.

Moreover, Best Wine Stars is pleased to announce another important novelty: Partnership with Iron 3, a company specialized in organizing events, managing business contacts, organizing B2B meetings between wineries and buyers from other countries.

Is almost ten years of activity, Iron 3 has developed the Know-how, and the skills necessary for organizing different types of events and exhibitions, to promote Italian wine overseas, by offering a complete high quality service, having qualified employees, performing informative and research activities, and finally by knowing the market.

The steady point of the event are the masterclasses, moments of in-depth analysis organized in collaboration with the sommelier and winewriter, Adua Villa, accompanied by a group of excellent speakers, who have gained more prestige over the years. The twelve masterclasses, will be divided between verticals, focused on a single company that will be told through the tastings of the most prestigious labels, and groups, which will involve various companies on different themes such as terroir, winemaking, style and trends.

After the event, the labels of the participating companies will be on sale on the e-commerce platform


COMPANY PROFILE: Best Wine Stars is an initiative of the Prodes Italia group, which has been operating for years in the field of fine jewelry, design and art. Prodes Italia, the founder of the now consolidated annual event Artistar Jewels, aims to reflect the same uniqueness and style in this new project as well. In 2019 the company created the first edition of the Milano Jewelry Week, the Milanese Week that celebrates the history, tradition and innovation of the fascinating world of international jewellery.


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20 / 21 / 22 May 2023 –  Palazzo del Ghiaccio – Milan
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Saturday: 12:00 to 21:00

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Monday: 12:00 to 21:00

ENTRANCE: €25 – Open Tasting + Wine Glass


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