During the MJW Awarding Night the winners of this edition of the Milano Jewelry Week were announced.

Milan, 22 ottobre 2022 – On the occasion of the Milano Jewelry Week – a week sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, Club degli Orafi and C.N.A. Federmoda – the MJW Awarding Night took place this evening at the Odeon Theater in Milan.

During the evening, which saw the participation of over 900 guests, the winners of the MJW Awards 2022 were announced, chosen from among the wide range of participants of the week.

Among the various exhibitors of the various group exhibitions present at the Milan Jewelry Week, a jury of experts selected the Best in awards and the Valdo Award, offered by the wine sponsor of the event, Valdo Spumanti.

In particular, the Valdo Award was awarded to the Ippolita brand, followed by the finalists Scavia and Antonini Milano.

There are also numerous Best in awards. Among these, the Best in Diamond award, conferred by judge Alberto Casbelli, secretary of the Italian Diamond Exchange, was won by Lenti. According to the juror, in fact, the necklace made by Andrea Lenti deserves the first prize because it testifies how much the jewel with diamonds is able to evolve, crossing many generations, maintaining its great charm over time.

The winner of the Best in Gemstone award, assigned by Paolo Cesari, president of Assogemme, was, on the other hand, Alessio Boschi.

Alessio Boschi’s jewels are an extraordinary riot of colors and shapes. Gems are the heart of Boschi’s jewels and represent an extraordinary example of how they can be both valued by their very nature, or enhanced by the structure of the jewels, and cut to size. In Homage to Piazza Navona, the weight of the paraiba tourmalines is extraordinary. But not only that, each piece is characterized by high quality gems that require great expertise and knowledge of gemological materials, such as Australian harlequin opal, purple sapphires, Colombian emeralds, lavender spinels, Tahitian pearls, green tourmalines, natural turquoise and a flat hexagonal diamond of great beauty. ” This is the reason that led Paolo Cesari to choose the brand as the winner.

The jewelry business consultant Donatella Zappieri awarded the Best in Innovation award to Nathalie Rollandin‘s The Little Things NYC brand, while the director of the Ambrosian Goldsmith School and SOA Lab & Factory Guido Solari presented the Best in Technique award to Christine Faulhaber.

Senen Tab‘s work seemed interesting to the creative director of Alchimia Contemporary Jewelery School in Florence, Lucia Massei, not only for the intelligent and correct idea of upcycling, absolutely in line with the times, but also for the aesthetics and balance of shapes, the expertise in the use of materials. For these reasons Bitácora is the winning brand of the Best in Contemporary award.

The founder of the Studiocult brand, the artist Yuliya Veligurskaya, was awarded the Best in Future Jewelry Design award by Formlessness, while the judge Azzurra Cesari, project manager & product development of Cesari & Rinaldi, chose as the winner of the Best in Creativity & Design award the Mad Joiellerie brand by Alix Dumas. According to the juror, in fact, “The rough man’s ring is a perfect balance of lines in the respect and exaltation of the rough indicoliths, which transcends time. It is precisely this harmony, delicate and powerful, between stone and metal that represents a discreet and timeless innovation: the indicoliths, in nature, develop into perfect crystals, and the rational geometry of gold is able, in its essence, to enhance the very nature of the gems. The heart of this jewel is the color, the choice of which is unusual and sophisticated, so well calibrated that it can be the genderless piece par excellence “.

There are also two cash prizes offered by Gianni De Benedittis, founder and creative director of the futuroRemoto brand. In particular, the Best Talent reserved for one of the students of the Talent Show was won by the student Francesco Coda of the Alchimia school.

The brand participating in the collective Artistar Jewels, Matteo Vitali Design, won the Calibro d’Oro award.

Special prizes were reserved for the participants of The FaB and Artistar Jewels exhibitions.

The exhibitors of Artistar Jewels Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Moritz Ganzoni and Sergey Izmestiev won three awards. A jury made up of Donatella Zappieri, Guido Solari and Lucia Massei has in fact selected their creations on display as the best.

Alessio Boschi, on the other hand, awarded the two participants of The FaB by Artistar Jewels. Arturo Sanfelix and Studicult by Yuliya Veligurskaya, as the projects that best interpreted their own reference theme.

In addition to these last two awards, there is also the plaque won by Carolyn Landale’s Freefold Studio brand.

Chaarhe, Ilaria demo De Lorenzi, Qiuguo Pan Renee, Misogyne, Xun Liu, Clecel Jewelry and Marcela Dias are the winners of the Assamblage Award which will guarantee participation in the Romanian Jewelry Week.

Finally, the international galleries partner of the event selected the projects to be included in their exhibitions. In particular, Alice Floriano Gallery chose the artist Inesa Kovalova.

Anne Edwards Studio, Architectural Vibes by Betty Vakali, Hosanna Rubio, Inesa Kovalova, Mad Joaillerie, Malgorzata Kalinska, May Ganan, Molly Wo, Monica Wickström, Tarasov Sisters, Xiaotong Guo and Zihan Yang are the artists selected by Lisa Berman’s gallery, Sculpture to wear Gallery, while Esh Gallery, wanted to reward Juntao Asa Ouyang and Inesa Kovalova.

A special evening in the name of awards that wanted to crown the entire project created by the Prodes Italia company, which with the conception of the Milano Jewelry Week, a widespread event, unique of its kind in Italy and with the presence of over 750 exhibitors and more than 150 scheduled events, he wanted to increase and celebrate the cultural and artistic value, but also to develop the local business, attracting an international audience.

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