It’s the topic of most of our conversations, the protagonist of several TV series, countless books are dedicated to it, the most popular social media are full of pictures depicting it… needless to say that we are talking about food. Nowadays we go crazy for it and it’s largely accepted that the food is not simply expression of costumes and traditions, but it represents a symbol able to communicate contemporary trends. For this reason, it will be one of the contents characterizing the DIN-Design In that, during the Milan Design week, will exhibit the ideas of more than 150 designers coming from all over the world.
The strategic location in Massimiano Street, 6 / Sbodio Street, 9 will host a selection of innovative design projects along with a temporary shop and, most important, a food area proposing a very rich and interesting offer of food and beverage. Here everyone will find what he/she is looking for: the ones researching the high quality genuine products and the ones sure that the aesthetics is very important too while talking about food.

Among the realities playing a very important role in this context, is Bedda, that represents the Sicilian street food and sells the Pane (bread) Cunzatu as one of its flagship product. This dish comes from the Sicilian popular traditions. While facing very difficult crisis, poor people made the best of what they had: since they missed the rich products to eat with bread, they made this simple recipe with cheap ingredients. The recipe has evolved over time and here is proposed with more refined elements.

So the Milanese Design week is coloured and scented by the South Italy breeze: not only Sicily’s, but also Puglia’s gastronomic culture is represented. Thanks to Aperia we will discover the Flavour of Salento, where the street food is intertwined with the history but it’s still living in contemporary times. At the basis of Aperia organization is the purpose to spread the Salento’s cooking traditions by a vehicle that is the symbol for the Southern Italy: the Ape is travelling around Italy in order to carry the perfumes, the flavours and the colours of Puglia from city to city.

Not only cooking excellences from the south of Italy but from the North too, are the protagonist of the Fuorisalone 2016. By following the trends of the period, DIN-Design In selected a product largely consumed at different levels: beer. There are people simply loving it for what it is, others are looking for its finest qualities, tasting it as if it is wine. Baladin will accomplish everyone’s desire thanks to its very rich offer. Litres of beer will be poured in the Lambrate’s district thank to Beer Bike Baladin. An organization that, with its track, will bring in Milan the hand-made beer produced by the famous brand Baladin coming from Turin.

The Common Denominator between the before-mentioned realities is the passion for taste, the love for their own territories and, most important, the exemplary attention for the shape, the box containing the results of a so careful and hard work. Considering the ways they express themselves, Baladin, Aperia e Bedda, show a high aesthetic taste and a strong awareness of what requires the target of customers they address to. Din – Design In, wants to give space to these excellences by proposing to the visitors an experience rich in emotions, cultural contents and fun.

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Information and Contacts for the Visitors

DIN – Design In

Dal 12 al 17 aprile 2016

Via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 (Zona Lambrate)

Opening times: everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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