DIN2016 is approaching! Be ready because, from the 12th to the 17th of April, Din opens to visitors in order to offer once again the best of the industrial and self-made produced design. 150 designers, artisans, new brands both international and Italian will show their best products in the industrial location that for the fifth time has proven to be perfect for one of the most desired events of the Fuorisalone. Today it’s possible to reveal unreleased information to introduce DIN’s exhibitors. In the following lines we proudly announce the name of DIN2016’s participants that made it possible to realize an high quality event.

Furniture objects, light & sound design, 3D printed items, prototypes and different kinds of eco-sustainable products will be displayed among individual and collective exhibiting areas, food areas, relax zones and a bookshop. Everything is designed following an essential and coordinated visual organization thanks to the support of companies characterized by the employment of the cardboard for very eye-catching set-up. A4Adesign gives shape to the Conference Area and the Info Point, Carton Factory s.r.l.s. on the other hand, takes care of the temporary shop and the supports for the exhibiting areas. Promotedesign.it proposes an experience of research and innovation in order to enhance the cutting-edge ideas.

Acorn Design, Amaaro!, Amitrani, ARCADIA DESIGN by PROGETTO ARCADIA, artDS, Baco, Beluga Concept, BEONE (BERNARDO CAMILLA – MADDALON STEFANO), Biodesign For Kids Cocò & Design – Ekoala – Bubble & Co, Carolin Zeyher, Carton Factory, Chris Ruhe Meubelkunst, CLAIRY INC, Claudio Gioserio di Lighthole, Claudio Montaudo, Giulia di Natale e Falegnameria Ragone, D’Oria Giovanni – Swingdesign.eu, David Lucchesini, Davide Montanaro, Diletta Evangelisti – Aru Studio Design, Duepuntozero – Effesei – Luigi Busellato, Elizabeth Zimmerer e Márton Lente, Emmedi.Design, Etienne Design, Eugenio Massimo Bicci, Eva-Nina Kunze, EXPAND HOME DESIGN SAS, Fan-Chung, Meng / STIMLIG, Federica Cicognani / Livyng Ecodesign, Fehling & Peiz / Kraud, Frale design & Sara Guazzeroni, Gaurav Nanda / Bend Goods, Gerardo Mari, Giovanna Guerrera – Manuela Legnari, Giuseppina Piluso, helloStandy s.r.l., Homi Milano, INVENTOOM – design italiano, IstroVeneto design, Judy Clark / Curvalinea, Julie Conrad Design Studio + Meyers & Fügmann, Kenichiro Oomori / KENICHIRO OOMORI MOVING DESIGN &, LEDbyLED enlightening design, Leslie Greene, Lorenzo Tognetti, Luigi Vittorio Cittadini, Maddalena Albini, Marco Manders, Marita + Frida Francescon / Daniele Drigo, Massimo Marcelli, Matija Dusic / vedoaragoste, Maurizio Bernabei + Sistema Midi Barcelona + Dendroacua, Melissa Tanac, MiMadesign, Olaf Sedmak / Sunrise Design, Paolo Cravero/Studio Cravero e Bonetto, Paolo Niccolai / NIKLA steel design, Passo32, Persiceto Marmi di Gian Luca Bernardini, Raffaele Familari, Ringo Bigalk, Roberto Carisi / LimeLab, Sally Ng, Shinya Ito & Kaori Yamamoto, Silvia Cassetta, Soo Yeon Shim, STARTED Architettura e Design di Alessio Arch. Baldon, Stefano Grasselli, Stefano Guerrieri, Studio Stirling – Joanina and David Pastoll, STUDIO.AP ARCHITETTI & ZAFFANELLA, Thistle, Tomo Kurokawa, Umberto De Nigris / brand Kellalà / ideato da Ass. Culturale Arcarte, uovodesign, Valentina D’Amato/ le grenier de vivi, Valentina Rena, Viola Lambrughi, Wai Ho Cheung, Write Sketch &

It’s an event very rich in contents, made up by different initiatives conceived to make the visitors live unique experiences. The two thousands square meters in fact, host a temporary shop offering a selection of hand-made contemporary jewels able to break with the monotony of the daily market offer. The artists, selected Artistar.it will surprise you with their creations: Alchimia Gioielli Creativi, Alfonso Montalto / iconoclass srl, Anna Moraitou, Carlotta Di Cerbo, Cesare Sent, Elisabetta Milani / B-Etoile, ENTROPIA SNC di Ambrogi Maria Laura e Mocali Georgia, Francesca Gazzi / REBECCA REBEL DESIGN, Ice Cream Jewels, Ilaria Comandulli, InLabo Design – Davide Filippi, Kouture di Francesca Bianchi, Lebole Gioielli, Linn Sigrid Bratland, Lorena Grippa – Cristian Castelli, Manitas De Plata, Nadia Volpi, noj – NOT ORDINARY JEWELS, Officine Nora: Valentina Caprini, Francesca Zanuccoli, Martina Lončar, Margherita de Martino Norante, Orsetta Rocchetto | humi lab, Paolo Mazzeo / Ninì Bijoux, Rossana Limata, SANDRA DI GIACINTO/ SANDRA DI GIACINTO DESIGN, Sara Baldari, Stefania Gagliardone / Hang Loose srl, Tela Preziosa di Chiara Piras, Tiziana Redavid Ateliers, Valentina Laganà, Valentina Rivelli, Zora Romanska

Inside the location, the online shop Treneed.com, materializes in a limited edition shop where to buy fashion accessories, wearing table objects, lightening products and many other items.

But there still are other initiatives proposed by DIN2016: an interestingly rich show schedule is realized in order to satisfy a public of design lovers: workshops, night events, special guests, showcooking and much more…

Among the activities scheduled during the design week, are four workshops in which design is decomposed and observed in its different dynamics, from the creative process to the communication of the designer and his/her work. Thanks to the help of Paolo Barichella – food designer, Paolo Paci – POLI.design specialization courses teacher, Pier Paolo Pitacco – Rolling Stone art director in Italy, Paola Pozzoli and Marco De Allegri – co-founders and SM Content Curators of Digital Strategies for DESIGN and with the special participation of the architect Simone Micheli, the components (others than the innate talent) for a successful design, will be studied and analyzed.

On Saturday the 16th there also will be the presentation of the fifth edition of book Design For2016, realized by promotedesign.it with the special participation of its founder Enzo Carbone and other important protagonists of the italian design: Axel Iberti, Head of Product for Gufram, Gianpietro Sacchi – POLIdesign courses headmaster, Alberto Zanetta – POLIdesign courses coordinator, Joe Velluto – Product Designer and Emilio Nanni – Product Designer

Promotedesign.it is also proud to announce a very important special guest that on Sunday the 17th will delight visitors with pans (with design pans obviously) in order to show that vegan and tasty can combine. Simone Salvini, the award-winning chef will please visitors with an unmissable vegan show-cooking. The “ethical chef” as many call him, also famous for the funny imitation played by Maurizio Crozza, will teach us how to cook healthy and tasty meals.

The suggestion is not to miss the oppurtunity to be present. The place is always the same: Massimiano street, 6/ Sbodio street,9. from the 12th to the 17th of April We’re waiting for you to enjoy the show, we’ll take care of the rest.


12th of April 2016 at 16:00

Il caffè fuori dalla tazzina, Workshop a cura di Paolo Barichella

13th of April 2016 at 20:00-22:00

Lambrate District Open Evening

14th of April 2016 at 14:30

Don’t stop the marketing, Workshop a cura di Paolo Paci – Archikiller

15th of April 2016 at 14:30

How to improve your portfolio, Workshop by Pier Paolo Pitacco

15th of April 2016 at 16:30

Digital Strategies for Design – how to improve your visibility through social media, Workshop by Paola Pozzoli e Marco De Allegri / 5-5.30 pm > special guest star Simone Micheli

15th of April 2016 at 19:00

The courage to be both creatives and business men, Speech hosted by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore, with Cinzia Chitra Piloni and Franco Denari

16th of April 2016 at 17:00

Presentation of the fifth edition of book Design For2016, realized by promotedesign.it with the special participation of its founder Enzo Carbone and other important protagonists of the italian design: Axel Iberti, Head of Product for Gufram, Gianpietro Sacchi – POLIdesign courses headmaster, Alberto Zanetta – POLIdesign courses coordinator, Joe Velluto – Product Designer and Emilio Nanni – Product Designer

17th of April 2016 at 11:00

Food&Design Show Cooking with Simone Salvini organized by FunnyVegan

Below, all the projects developed by Promotedesign.it.:

Design For, a book/catalogue with the best design-concepts carefully chosen by promotedesign.it; a really useful tool for all the producer-companies that can select the best ideas from international designers.

Din-Design In, an expositive event created to give the chance to self-produced-designers to exhibit their creations to an international audience and having the possibility of a better spreading of their concepts.

Treneed.com, an e-commerce channel dedicated to all the people who loves or creates design and through the website they can make purchasing and selling products.

PROMOTEDESIGN.IT Since 2009 Promotedesign.it has been promoting design and creativity through a web platform connecting a big collective of designers and architects. Through the portal all registered users can create a professional profile from which they are able to manage personal information, contacts, pictures of products, concept, and developing projects, descriptions and biographies. The system has been conceived to get in touch all the actors in the sector, designers, companies, prototyping labs, photographers, machining workshops, press offices and communication to update and implement a network continuosly changing. It is an instrument and an occasion to build new collaborations among different realities. Moreover Promotedesign.it offers disclosure on news, events, training and contests by giving space to a notice board, videos, legal area where discussing useful subjects for professionals in the sector .

Information and Contacts for the Visitors

DIN – Design In

Dal 12 al 17 aprile 2016

Via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 (Zona Lambrate)

Opening times: everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Free entry

Din – Design In // Facebook // Instagram 

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