If you think it can be employed only for cases, boxes and packs, you are totally wrong; through its several uses and reuses, cardboard changes shapes and identities and this time it takes the resemblance of furniture elements. Items able to transform empty spaces into functional ones by enriching them with shapes, colors and volumes. So the cardboard is the protagonist of the event DIN 2016’s setting up.

As it seems, this year too, promotedesign.it made its best to satisfy the high expectations everyone has toward this event. Surprise, enhance, intrigue: these are the keywords for the setting up of one of the most desired events of the Fuorisalone.

All that, can be realized thanks to the collaboration with A4Adesign, a company based in Milan run by the architects Nicoletta Savioni and Giovanni Rivolta that in 2002 started designing objects and furniture items employing a very unusual material: the alveolus cardboard. It’s a very particular organization attracting a lot of attention thanks to its material experimentation, its attention for details and the aesthetic innovation. A4Adesign accepted the creative lines of Promotedesign.it for the realization of an alternative set up that, among the other qualities, proves to be eco-sustainable.

Special attention is given to the conference area, isolated by a 250m wall made of special cardboard, assembled in order to build a partition of 44m perimeter. cArtù is the new material employed for its realization. It’s a new material with cellulose expressing the special attention A4Adesign pay to new eco-friendly supports. Seats in this area are represented by single, the chair made of one cardboard sheet. It’s very light and resistant at the same time, of course it’s eco sustainable and customer adjustable, conceived by A4Adesign for very big events. The 12m info desk is composed of about 90 modular hexagonal elements made of wavy cardboards.

The location chosen by DIN is characterized by an industrial atmosphere, and it is the fifth time that it has been considered perfect to be the background of the exhibited design products. The area follows the contemporary trends and, at the same time, it respects the exhibiting criteria taken in consideration till this moment by Promotedesign.it: enhance and improve still passing unnoticed. Along with the selected projects, supporting elements made of cardboard will fill the space. Materials, shapes and colors have been conceived in a coherent way in order to create a comfortable context able to greet visitors.

The choice of A4Adesign reflects the values of Promotedesign.it, those values connected to research and originality for a set up going beyond the expected and the ordinary. If you are ready, DIN is ready. From the 12th to the 17th of April no commitment is allowed: good design is showed in Lambrate’s District, precisely in Sbodio street, 6/ Massimiano street, 9 where else?

Below, all the projects developed by Promotedesign.it.:

Design For, a book/catalogue with the best design-concepts carefully chosen by promotedesign.it; a really useful tool for all the producer-companies that can select the best ideas from international designers.

Din-Design In, an expositive event created to give the chance to self-produced-designers to exhibit their creations to an international audience and having the possibility of a better spreading of their concepts.

Treneed.com, an e-commerce channel dedicated to all the people who loves or creates design and through the website they can make purchasing and selling products.

Since 2002, Milan-based A4Adesign has created and produced design objects and furniture in honeycomb cardboard: stage settings, installations for exhibitions and commercial areas as well as for refreshment and recreational areas for adults and children. All that is made of recycled and recycling cardboard.

A4Adesign’s distinctiveness lies in the training of its creative designers – that have an architecture formation – and the chosen material: ecofriendly and easy to be managed. Its invariably scenographic projects are versatile and design-driven. A4Adesign chooses to realize projects in line with a sustainable development, which is a fundamental value for the company. The idea of employing an apparently poor, ecofriendly material is to be understood as a sober choice, an example of respect to the collective resources. A useful and sharable efforts.

PROMOTEDESIGN.IT Since 2009 Promotedesign.it has been promoting design and creativity through a web platform connecting a big collective of designers and architects. Through the portal all registered users can create a professional profile from which they are able to manage personal information, contacts, pictures of products, concept, and developing projects, descriptions and biographies. The system has been conceived to get in touch all the actors in the sector, designers, companies, prototyping labs, photographers, machining workshops, press offices and communication to update and implement a network continuosly changing. It is an instrument and an occasion to build new collaborations among different realities. Moreover Promotedesign.it offers disclosure on news, events, training and contests by giving space to a notice board, videos, legal area where discussing useful subjects for professionals in the sector .

Information and Contacts for the Visitors

DIN – Design In

Dal 12 al 17 aprile 2016

Via Massimiano 6 / via Sbodio 9 (Zona Lambrate)

Opening times: everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Free entry

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