The second edition of this one-of-a-kind and unique event is to be held in Italy. The event will occur from 20th to 23rd October 2022 with a very strong international presence and will be held over a range of locations.

Milano, 12th of September 2022 – Milano Jewelry Week – supported by Milano Municipality, Club degli Orafi and C.N.A. Federmoda – returns to animate the streets of Milan from 20th to 23rd October 2022.

This one-of-its-kind event held in Italy, will have 750 exhibitors, in over 100 locations and more than 150 scheduled events. It will highlight Milan for four days, after fashion and design, as the world centre for jewelry as well.

From Porta Venezia to Brera, the Duomo to the 5 Vie, passing through Montenapoleone and the whole Quadrilatero della Moda, the Milano Jewelry Week will have an itinerary that will unfold through different thematic paths. It will involve prestigious buildings and high jewellery ateliers, schools and art workshop goldsmiths, fashion boutiques and design showrooms with the aim of letting insiders and the curious – through exhibitions, talks and special initiatives – discover all the facets of a world so fascinating and yet unknown.

Enzo Carbone – Prodes Italia founder,  the company that created Milano Jewelry Week – said: “I am very happy to see how the commitment we have pursued during particularly difficult years has led us to the creation of an event dedicated to jewellery of such a high level, capable of bringing people from all over the world to Milan and offering the city an opportunity of visibility of which we feel very proud”.

The exhibitions and locations.

Five collective exhibitions are scheduled and will be hosted in four locations.

Artistar Jewels, an international reference event dedicated to body ornaments, now in its eighth edition, will be staged at Palazzo Bovara. In the rooms of the splendid palace di Porta Venezia we will admire the creations of 230 international artists and designers who have given shape to the suggestions deriving from the contamination between sectors (above all history, art and architecture) and from the expression of emotional states, particularly significant after the years just passed.

The Jewelry Hub will welcome 115 High, Fine, Fashion and Vintage Jewelry brands and will be hosted in the spaces of La Pelota. It is an event dedicated to both B2B and B2C trade, which will give the opportunity to exhibit – and buy – works by companies from around 30 different countries; from New Zealand to Mexico, from the Middle East to the USA passing through Northern Europe. Relevant names such as Leo Pizzo, Alessio Boschi and Leonori in the High Jewellery category, Armiss and Kaltham’s Pavilion Jewellery in the Fine, Rheinfrank-Antique Jewellery Berlin, I Santi Medici and Gold and Gift for the Vintage section will participate, while Tektaak Jewellery and Il Gioiello del Tombolo in the Fashion session.

Two collective exhibitions of The FaB and Jewelry Drops will be held at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti.

In The FaB 150 international artists and designers they will show us how projects move from different inspirations, for example a childhood memory, the power of nature, the extraordinary beauty of the imperfect, and experimentation. It will interpret with moving creativity each of the four scenarios – water, earth, fire and air – which are the guiding thread of this path.

For its part, Jewelry Drops will present around 500 jewels, mainly one-of-a-kind or limited series, made of unusual and, in some cases, recycled materials. All in a multimedia exhibition with videos that will illustrate the stories of the protagonists – all international – and their fascinating workings. The main issues addressed will be sustainability, the reference to nature, ethics, the meeting between different sectors and the exchange between tradition and innovation.

In addition, the Galdus School will be the location of conferences and the Talent Show, which will feature the works of the most promising students selected by the goldsmith schools participating in the Week.

Alongside these initiatives, other events will animate the centre of Milan. Between Brera and 5 Vie, 13 design showrooms and art galleries will host the creations of many international jewelry brands and designers, carefully selected and matched to the location in terms of philosophy, product and research. With thanks to the Experiential Journeys, important stakeholders from the jewellery world such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Ippolita, Sicis Jewels, Gioielleria

Pederzani, Veronesi Gioielli d’Epoca and Cielo 1914 or from the world of watches such as Grimoldi, will offer a glimpse of their varied universe through installations, seminars, meetings and stories from behind the scenes.

Conferences and awards.

A crucial role in the event is the extended program of conferences and the MJW Awards that will be presented during the awarding night.

Numerous conferences held by important people, artists and businesses will attend. These include Christie’s, recognized associations such as Assogemme – whose conference will have speakers, such as, Bruto Pomodoro, artist and curator of the Gio’ Pomodoro collection and Raffaele Ciardulli, coach, trainer & luxury consultant – Assocoral, ANTICO (National Association for the Protection of the Gold Sector), Istituto Gemmologico Italiano, established artists such as Alessio Boschi, influencers such as Laura Inghirami and the lawyers Leonardo Seri, Counsel of BMLex, Andrea Conso and Antonio di Giorgio, partners of Annunziata & Conso who will talk about the copyright of jewellery in the NFT field.

The purpose of these talks – as well as of the whole event – is to deepen the dynamics of the sector and discover regulatory or technical-operational aspects that often do not find the right emphasis. The conferences will be hosted in La Pelota and the Galdus School and will be accessible upon accreditation on Milano Jewelry Week  official website.

Furthermore, many awards will be presented by a jury of experts to the participants of the various collective exhibitions.

The “Best in” awards and the “Valdo prize”, offered by the wine sponsor of the event, Valdo Spumanti, will be selected from among all the exhibitors present at the Milano Jewelry Week.

Here are the “Best in” awards and the judges are called to decide:

Best in Diamond, judge Alberto Casbelli – Delegate of Borsa Diamanti d’Italia.

Best in Gemstone, judge Paolo Cesari – Assogemme President.

Best in Innovation, judge Donatella Zappieri – Jewelry Business Consultant.

Best in Technique, judge Guido Solari – Director of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana and of SOA Lab & Factory.

Best in Creativity & Design, judge Azzurra Cesari – Project Manager & Product Development of Cesari & Rinaldi.

Best in Contemporary, judge Lucia Massei – Creative Director of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence.

Best in Future Jewelry Design, judge Formlessness.

In addition, special prizes will be reserved for participants in The FaB and Artistar Jewels. For The FaB Alessio Boschi will award the projects that best have been able to interpret their own reference theme, while there will be three further awards to which the exhibitors of Artistar Jewels hope to acquire. A jury composed of Donatella Zappieri, Guido Solari, Lucia Massei and the jewel historian Vanessa Cron will select the three best creations on display, the Assamblage Award will guarantee participation in the Romanian Jewelry Week, while the international galleries partner of the event will select which projects to include in the inside its exhibitions.

Two cash prizes offered by Gianni De Benedittis, founder and creative director of the futuroRemoto brand: Il Calibro d’Oro, which all participants in the second edition of the Milano Jewelry Week will be able to access and the Best Talent reserved for one of the students of the Talent Show.

A special guide made by the Milano Jewelry team (containing detailed information with maps, itineraries, events) will be available in order to fully experience such a busy schedule. In the guide 4 authoritative voices in the sector will attend: Donatella Zappieri (Jewelry Business Consultant), Giulia Salini (Jewelry Designer and Coordinator at IED Milano), Grant Mobley (Diamond and Jewelry expert) e Lisa M. Berman (Museum Curator). These will make a careful selection of their Milano Jewelry Week must-see itineraries. Finally, thanks to the increasing importance of the omnichannel both related to sales and communication, The Diamonds Girl, Champagne Gem e Jewellery Curator, together with other influencers, will share their own experience throughout the 4 days of the event.

For more information of the calendar of events please visit In addition, thematic guides and maps will be created and distributed throughout the city of Milan during the MJW.

it is possible to visit for free the MJW events by signing up to the following link:

Prodes Italia

The design, communication management and coordination of the Milano Jewelry Week events are by the Prodes Italia Group. Operating all over the world in the sectors of high jewelry, design, art and wines, it is the creator of the projects, Din – Design In, Design For,,, Huesers Magazine,, as well as responsible for the communication and coordination of Lambrate Design District events since 2018.

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