The second edition of the widespread event dedicated to jewelry will be held from 20 to 23 October 2022

Milan, July 7th 2022 – Milano Jewelry Week – week already sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and by C.N.A. Federmoda and Club degli Orafi – returns, after the obligatory stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year in October from 20th to 23rd 2022.

About 200 events will animate high jewelry ateliers, goldsmith workshops, academies, schools, art galleries, fashion boutiques and design showrooms in the center of Milan. From Brera to Porta Venezia, passing through the Duomo and Montenapoleone, countless areas of the Lombard capital are involved in the initiative.

A calendar full of events according to thematic itineraries that will involve prestigious locations such as Palazzo Bovara, Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, La Pelota, and the most important goldsmith schools of the city with the purpose of creating a unique event of its kind capable of attracting attention to the world of jewelry both of the B2B and B2C audiences.

Over 500 exhibitors from 40 different countries (about 70% of the total from abroad), more than 8,000 jewels on display: these are the incredible numbers of an event that, through collective and personal exhibitions, galleries and international schools exhibitions, workshops, performances, temporary shops and award evenings, intends to provide a multi-faceted interpretation of the history and technique of the goldsmith’s art and to attract not only operators of the sector but also lovers of Beauty and Know-how.

Enzo Carbone — Founder of Prodes Italia, the company that created Milano Jewelry Week and manages the entire organization of the second edition – says: Actually, for Prodes Italia, the stop of activities due to the pandemic was only physical, certainly not planning. These long months have indeed allowed us to study and work on new formats and develop new relationships. We are therefore enthusiastic to see how this event has matured and grown up and, above all, we joyfully anticipate a strong presence of visitors from abroad, who will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in 4 days dedicated to jewelry at 360 °, made up of workshops, exhibitions, live performances and much more”.


In continuity with the first edition of Milano Jewelry Week, the link with the academic world of jewelry gets strengthened and expanded. In fact, confirmed partners are: IED European Institute of Design (Milan), Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana (Milan), Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School (Florence), FOR.AL (Valenza), Assamblage Jewelry School (Romania), Escola Brasileira de Joalheria (Brazil), Fit NYC Fashion Institute of Technology (USA), Hard To Find (Mexico), Raffles College Of Higher Education (Singapore), Lagos Jewelry School (Nigeria) and Casa Jewelry Workshop (Mexico). Finally, Galdus (Milan), thanks to the passion of its students and the professionalism of its teachers and goldsmith masters, will host workshops and lectures dedicated to the jewelry world with the aim of bringing even non-professionals to this complex and fascinating universe. Galdus will also be the venue for the Talent show that features a selection of the most promising students from the various partner schools.

Within the group exhibitions, an important role is played by Artistar Jewels, the international reference event dedicated to body ornaments, now in its eighth edition. In the past it has hosted important creatives such as Giancarlo Montebello, Philip Sajet, Yoko Ono, Pol Bury, Faust Cardinali and Gillo Dorfles, just to name a few of them. In October, the creations of over 200 international artists and designers can be admired in the rooms of Palazzo Bovara. A collective exhibition, this one by Artistar Jewels, which also this year will enjoy the participation of a jury of experts called to award the projects that most distinguished themselves among the categories in the competition.

The FaB by Artistar Jewels will instead be the new contest dedicated to independent brands and designers, whose creations will be exposed inside Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, in an exhibition showing 4 different scenarios linked to the 4 elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. The jewels will be evaluated by the Brand Ambassador Alessio Boschi, rewarding those that better interpret their reference theme in the most original way.

The Jewelry Hub will take place in the building “La Pelota” – an event focused both on the B2B and B2C interaction- which will include dedicated exhibition sessions and talks and which will see about 100 Italian and international brands of High, Fine, Fashion and Vintage Jewelry as exhibitors. Here, the companies belonging to these categories will unveil their latest collections.

Finally, Jewelry Drops is an exhibition whose protagonists are around 500 jewels, mainly unique pieces or limited series, made of unusual materials and, in some cases, recycled. Complemented by a multimedia exhibition with videos that will illustrate the stories of the protagonists – all international – and their fascinating workings.

Other events enliven the Milano Jewelry Week, including those already confirmed: Antonini Milano, Brian & Barry Building, Scavia, Gioielleria Merzaghi, John Moore with an unmissable personal exhibition of contemporary jewelry.

Among the confirmed partners: Assogemme, the Italian Diamond Exchange, the Italian Gemological Institute, the Lombard Goldsmith Association, A.N.T.I.C.O. National Association for the Protection of the Gold Sector and The Brain & Barry Building.

Awards and Jury

Numerous prizes have been awarded and will be given out during the evening of the Awards. The jurors are: Donatella Zappieri, Jewelry Business Consultant, Gianni De Benedittis with the futureRemoto award, Guido Solari, Director of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Via Tortona 26 and Director of the SOA Lab & Factory in Via Savona 20, Paolo Cesari, President of Assogemme, Azzurra Cesari of Cesari & Rinaldi and Lucia Massei, Creative Director of Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School of Florence. The prize from the Italian Diamond Exchange and the ASSAMBLAGE Prize with participation in the Romanian Jewelry Week will also be awarded.

The partner galleries – Alice Floriano Gallery (Brazil), Babs ARt Gallery (Milan), Esh Gallery (Milan), Eleni Marneri Galerie (Greece), Ezustlaz Gallery (Hungary), Sculpture to wear Gallery (USA, New York) – will instead select the jewels that will be exhibited in their spaces free of charge during the year.

The calendar of Milano Jewelry Week events, constantly updated, will be available on the website and will be published, close to the event, in dedicated guides distributed throughout the city of Milan.

Prodes Italia

The design, communication management and coordination of the Milano Jewelry Week events are by the Prodes Italia Group. Operating all over the world in the sectors of high jewelry, design, art and wines, it is the creator of the projects, Din – Design In, Design For,,, Huesers Magazine,, as well as responsible for the communication and coordination of Lambrate Design District events since 2018.

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