The third edition of Milano Jewelry Week returns from October 17th to 22nd, 2023, with a packed schedule of events that will populate the city with international brands and artists.

Milan, Oct. 5th, 2023 – Milano Jewelry Week – a week sponsored by C.N.A. Federmoda – is the Milanese Week that celebrates the history, tradition and innovation of the fascinating world of the international jewelry.

At the press conference held today at the Sala Maestro of the Hotel Milano Scalamore than 100 events that will take place during Milano Jewelry Week were revealed. 350 exhibitors from 40 countries around the world will present more than 5,000 pieces of jewelry inside historic palaces, schools, ateliers, showrooms, boutiques and goldsmith workshops in the city of Milan.

“I am very happy to announce this new edition of Milano Jewelry Week. It is a very ambitious project that we launched in 2019 and that over the years is becoming more and more established among experts but also among the enthusiasts of this sector. Our goal is to spread the culture of jewelry in all its nuances and to lead brands and artists through a path of growth and evolution.” – these are the words of Enzo Carbone, creator of Milano Jewelry Week and CEO of Prodes Italia.

There were many speeches during the official presentation of the project involving Andrea SangalliPresident of the Associazione Orafa LombardaDaniele OldaniRetailer Manager for A.N.T.I.C.O.; Laura InghiramiOpinion Leader of the jewelry world and Founder Donna JewelRossana RicolfiCoordinator, Referent and Technical Teacher Scuola Orafa Galdus and Accademia IFTS and ITISGuido SolariFounder and owner of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana and Director of the Via Tadino 30 officeIrina AcamporaRepresentative of Gemma Europa; moderator Barbara PedoneProject & Portfolio Manager Prodes Italia.

Group exhibitions, vernissage, presentations of exclusive collections, exhibition events, workshops, live performances, temporary shops, an awarding night and in-depth talks on the most current issues in the world of jewelry will allow visitors to discover the latest news in the industry, learn about international realities and enrich their know-how.

Exhibitions and Locations

Milano Jewelry Week has intercepted the need to give the right emphasis to the world of jewelry, which has been greatly increasing in the last few years, seeing Milan as the perfect city to welcome avant-garde and new trends while continuing to enhance the tradition. Many brands, goldsmiths, designers and jewelry manufacturers in the Lombardy capital will open their doors to the public, creating an Experential Journey in 40 locations distributed throughout the streets of the city center. Special events, themed exhibitions, preview presentations of collections, live performances, meetings with the press, cocktail parties or workshops will be organized. Visitors will be able to discover many interesting realities of the Milan area while living a unique experience.

During Milano Jewelry Week there will be celebrations of important anniversaries testifying to the strength and value of the Italian tradition in the industry. De Liguoro, the iconic Maison of Fashion Jewellery on the occasion of its first 60 years will organize a celebratory event at their showroom in Via San Martino, 17, setting up an exclusive exhibition of the jewelry that marked the most representative stages of the company’s history. Down Via Ponte Vetero, in the elegant and creative Brera district, the Demaldè family has been carrying on a business over decades that dates back as Bottega Storica to 1943; and this year will celebrates during Week 80 years in business. Fratelli Piccini‘s prestigious atelier on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence will be celebrating at La Pelota in Milan the milestone of 120 years.

Unmissable are the three collective exhibitions in which international artists, brands and students will enrich with their works of art the historic and prestigious locations of the city from Oct. 19th to 22nd.

The splendid location of Palazzo Bovara situated in Corso Venezia will host the ninth edition of Artistar Jewels where visitors will be able to admire more than 600 pieces of jewelry created by 230 international artists. A special area will be dedicated to the masterpieces of Guests: Alessio BoschiAlex Wong and Wallis Hong. “Equilibrium of Powers” the dress installation by Alicia Stanksa will light up the entrance to the exhibition.

During the invitation-only vernissage of Artistar Jewels scheduled for Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m., in the enchanting location of Palazzo Bovara, there will be a fashion show of dresses by designer Gianni Tolentino and Massinissa Askeur, a great international symbolist, both winners of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and a live performance by artist Rossano Ferrari who will present the pictorial work Mosaic Jem. The artwork represents the society in which we live and depicts the artist’s conceptual vision: a society that runs fast, goes through multiple emotional and factual states, breaks down, goes beyond liquidity to gassiness until it converges into atomization. The work translates thought and is born with the intent to give itself to the onlookers. Through cuts it breaks down into a mosaic, connected pieces of canvas that, although destined to inhabit different places, keep the heart of the work intact. Thus the work ideally recomposes itself by restoring, like gems, the eternity and solidity of authentic thought.

The MJW pays great attention to young talents and, in collaboration with Galdus School represented by Rossana Ricolfi Coordinator, Referent and Technical Teacher Goldsmith School Galdus, organizes the Talent Show: an event dedicated to all schools and academies exhibiting the jewelry of the students of the schools: Algures Contemporary Jewellery School (Brazil), Assamblage (Romania), Casa Workshop (Mexico), Fondazione Arte Sacra Contemporanea ETS (Italy), For. Al (Italy), Galdus (Italy), ISS Caterina da Siena (Italy), Istituto Europeo di Design IED (Italy), MAB (Italy), Minoss Jewelry (South Korea), Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana (Italy).

The Jewelry HUB is the only Milanese and Italian event that gives collectors, buyers and enthusiasts the opportunity to meet the most innovative international manufacturers and designers of High& Fine Jewelry, Fashion, Design and Vintage. It takes place inside de la Pelota, a historic venue that blends the charm of Brera-“famous artists’ quarter”-with an exclusive avant-garde feel. The Jewelry Hub is a special and exclusive event where 50 brands from all over the world present their new creations that encapsulate stories and emotions as well as communicate the uniqueness and identity of each author. The Prodes Italia team constantly carries out targeted research and important scouting work to present the most exciting works that we are hardly used to seeing in Milan.

Conferences and Awards

It will be la Pelota, the iconic venue for prestigious kermesse and events in Milan, that will host in-depth moments, talks, roundtables and meetings focused on the most current and important topics on the goldsmithing and jewelry industry in all its forms.

The participation of Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Dr. Adolfo Urso will represent the most relevant institutional moment on October 20th at 4 p.m. It will be indeed the Minister who will initiate the meeting with his testimony of commitment dedicated to the economy of goldsmith’s art and to Italian companies. Dr. Antonio FranceschiniPresident of CNA FedermodaDr. Arrigo MontellaCeo of Finitaly International and Hon and Danilo Oscar LanciniMEP and Member of the INTA and ENVI Commission will also intervene. The proceedings will be introduced by Antonietta TummoloProdes Italia Ambassador.

The topics, which will be discussed in the Round Table, will focus on an analysis of the state of the sector, current regulations supporting its development, as well as opportunities for calls and subsidized finance aimed at the growth of the industry and the identification of new markets.

Dr. Alfredo VerganiCEO of Steel Watches Milano orologi e preziosi company, will analyze the collectible watch market from the 1980s to the present. Dr. Nunzio Ragno – President A.N.T.I.C.O., Tributarist, Anti-Money Laundering Expert and Gold Sector Regulations, and Mr. Daniele Oldani – A.N.T.I.C.O. RepresentativeMilan Retailers Commission, will give a talk titled “The New Scenarios of Second Hand Jewelry”.

HRD Antwerp, the prestigious European academy of gemology and diamond grading, will offer a technical insight into diamonds and gemstones. Lawyer Leonardo Maria Seri – of Counsel BMLEXLawyer Antonio Di Giorgio – Partner Annunziata & ConsoDr. Riccardo Canossa – Associate Annunziata & Conso will curate a talk entitled “NFT and jewelry: a question of art or fintech? A guide to navigate between lawful uses and possible violations in light of the most recent regulations and the first cases decided by the courts”.

There will be no shortage of direct testimonies from some major jewelry players such as Alessio Boschi, James Riviére, Wallis Hong and Ella Gafter through the voice of Anna Maria Antonia Balconi, EllaGem Ambassador.

On Wednesday, October 18th at Teatro San Babilathe MJW Awarding Night will take place and the winners of this edition will be revealed. As every year, a jury of industry experts will select the artists and brands that have distinguished themselves through originality, technique and design, awarding them important honors. The following prizes will be awarded: Best in Creativity, Best in Contemporary Jewels, Best Exclusive Jewelry Designer, Bryna Pomp Award, Best in Technique, Best in Luxury, Best Innovative Design and Best in Antique Jewelry. In addition, regarding the Artistar Jewels project, the three winning artists will be announced, selected by Bryna PompDirector, MAD About JewelryMuriel PiaserFounder of PRECIOUS ROOM by MP tradeshow & Muriel Piaser Consulting, and the aforementioned Guido Solari and Alessio BoschiPermio Assamblage winners and designers selected by Artistar Network galleries: Eleni Marneri Gallery (Greece), Frangipani Studio & Gallery (Hungary), Alice Floriano Gallery (Brazil), Carlo Lucidi Gallery (Italy), Galleri Sebastian Schildt (Switzerland), and Second Petale (France)-will also be revealed.

Reporting in real time throughout the week will also be three important figures from the digital world for the jewelry industry: Laura Inghirami Jewellery Opinion Leader, Founder Donna Jewel, Shohista Turdiyeva Editor and The Founder of Jewellery PursuerAgata Jankowiak from BLINGSIS, influencer and a jewelry brand strategist, will disseminate live MJW content and interviews on their channels.

The full calendar of the Milano Jewelry Week events can be found at and will be published in a dedicated printed guidebook, copies of which will be distributed at key points in the city of Milan.

All Milano Jewelry Week events are open to the public simply register to receive your accreditation. Some events, at the discretion of the organizer, may require an invitation or be limited in number.

At the following link you can apply for your accreditation:

COMPANY PROFILE: The ideation, communication management and event coordination of Milano Jewelry Week are carried out by the Prodes Italia Group. Operating worldwide in the high jewelry, design, art and wine sectors, it is the conceiver of the projects:, Din-Design In, Design For,,, Huesers Magazine, as well as responsible for the communication and event coordination of Lambrate Design District since 2018.

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