Great success for the fourth edition of the Milanese tasting event that filled Palazzo del Ghiaccio with Italian and international companies from the food, wine and spirits sectors.

Milan, 24th May 2023 – Over 4500 visitors, 40% of whom were buyers and 15% journalists, took part in the Milanese event from the 20th until the 22nd of May, actively attending the event through the tasting of over 800 labels and the several in-depth events that took place over the three days of Best Wine Stars.

The participating companies have been able to come into contact with around 2500 Italian and foreign, from 15 Countries, trade operators: press, buyers, distributors, importers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, as well as many enthusiasts, once again confirming the interest of a large public.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, the event aimed to show the culture and history of the companies and their products through numerous meetings, chaired by leading figures from the sector.

Inside the Sala Piranesi, overlooking the parterre, took place the 15 talks and masterclasses (that were sold-out), with the participation of: Borgoverde Soc Agricola S.S., Bulichella, Cantina La Lignite , Cantina Nepos Villae,  Cardamaro, Champagne Jarry Héritage, Col Vetoraz Spumanti Spa, Consorzio Terre di Reggio Calabria, Fiorotto 1934, Formidabile,  L’Astemia Pentita,  Marisa Cuomo, Monviert, Rossi D’Angera, Sarandrea, Sibilla, Sirene, Tenuta Tosi, Terre del Dogado, Tonico Pugliese e Varvaglione 1921.

The digital narrator Adua Villa; Alessandra Piubello, the journalist of the most important national and international wine magazines and the only woman editor of a guide in Italy, the first one ever published, the Guida Oro I Vini di Veronelli; Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Barbara Sgarzi; journalist, TV presenter and ‘gastronomy columnist’ Edoardo Raspelli; BarTales founder Fabio Bacchi; Radio Deejay speaker and wine expert Francesco Quarna; Marco Boldrini, sommelier, owner of several Italian restaurants in the Netherlands and consultant for a Japanese company importing Italian wine excellence; Paola Longo, owner of Enoteca Longo; the founder of The Winesetter Simona Geri; Stefania Vinciguerra, Editor-in-Chief of DoctorWine; the professional journalist who writes for La Cucina Italiana, Condé Nast Traveller, Slowine and Civiltà del Bere Valentina Vercelli and Antonietta Tummolo, Best Wine Stars Ambassador, with some representatives of the Basilicata Region in remote connection (Alessandro Galella, Ivana Enrica Pipponzi, Vito Bardi) intervened during several moments to investigate and deepen the various issues related to the world of wine and spirits, presenting the participants the different production realities and enabling them to enrich their knowledge.

During the official presentation of the project “Venus and Bacchus” The Myths of Wine, edited by Antonietta Tummolo, the speeches of the institutional representatives of the Basilicata Region, Alessandro Galella, former councillor for productive activities, labor, training and sports and recently appointed councillor for agriculture, and regional councilor for equality Ivana Enrica Pipponzi, expressed their interest and support for the project as a whole. The declared interest, each in his or her institutional role, will be transformed for the Best Wine Stars 2024 edition into support for Lucanian companies in the wine sector, particularly women, who for the first time in a national exclusive will be present in a space dedicated to them, adding value to the event.

On Sunday the 21st of May took place the Best Wine Stars Awards ceremony, which was attended by the exhibiting companies and numerous journalists. The prize-giving ceremony was attended by the entrepreneur, sommelier and wine writer Adua Villa, who selected the winning wines for the Best Sparkling Wine, Best White Wine, Best Red Wine and Best Rosè Wine awards, the expert Fabio Bacchi, who was in charge of awarding the Best Herbal Liqueurs and Best Spirits prizes, and the Best Wine Stars team, who selected the companies for the Best Logo and the Best Label.

The Best Red Wine was won by Tenuta di Artimino for its label Grumarello 2017, DOCG, Carmignano Riserva, a red wine of great elegance that reveals a lesser known Tuscany within the DOCG Carmignano. Caruso & Minini won Best White Wine with the label Arancino Orange Wine 2022, IGT Terre Siciliane, an Orange Wine that encloses culture, tradition, passion in a different guise from the Sicily we are used to. The Best Sparkling Wine was awarded to Mister Bio Wine Srl, a company with a strong impact on the environmental protection and tradition of its grapes by the glass, for its Ribolla Gialla Spumante Extra Brut label. Casa Vinicola Fazio, on the other hand, was recognised with the Best Rosè Wine for its rosé with an engaging and unusual personality, Anima Solis Rosato 2022, IGT Terre Siciliane.

The Best Spirits prize was awarded to Silvio Carta srl and its Gin per te, a gin that blends the wisdom of an ancient taste with the pride of a young warrior: an important taste, complex but balanced, a delicately savoury note that recalls its Mediterranean identity, its botanical body emerges on the mid-palate to then leave room for the freshness of the island’s scents that can be perceived in the long, slightly crispy finish. The Albergian company, on the other hand, won the Best Herbal Liqueurs award for its Amaro Albergian 2023 label, a gentle expression of a pleasantly bitter and moderately alcoholic liqueur that recalls its naturalness, blending ancient spice flavours and Piedmontese biodiversity that originate in territories that are now UNESCO heritage sites.

Enzo Carbone, Ceo of Prodes Italia, gave also awards to two companies that through careful communication and marketing work stood out for the creativity shown in their choice of branding. The Best Logo was won by the Alta Marea Gin company whose name and image is inspired by the beaches of Sicily, the producer’s homeland.

Ocone 1910 – Taburno Wine Country, on the other hand, won the Best Label award for its Bozzovich Nero label, a restyling of the original poster by artist Bozzovich in which a sinuous and elegant female figure in true Art Nouveau style conveys the seductive nature of this wine.

Finally, the company Antonella Lombardo – Vini Calabria IGT was awarded the Landini Prize presented by Mario Danieli, country manager Italia of Argo Tractors Group.

Enzo Carbone, Founder of Prodes Italia, the organiser of Best Wine Stars, commented on the three-day event as follows: “We are very pleased with the result achieved, which rewarded all the work done in the previous months and which led to the involvement of a large number of professionals of this field. We had a great success with the public and we are happy that the several contents and the leading contributions were greatly appreciated. I would also like to give special thanks to all the companies that participated in this edition with great enthusiasm, presenting their products and territories to the public.

The organisation of Best Wine Stars is already ready for a new challenge in view of the fifth edition, with the aim of continuing to present national and international realities to the public and to increasingly enhance the wine and spirits sector.

All the labels of the companies taking part in the event are on sale on the e-commerce platform

COMPANY PROFILE: Best Wine Stars is an initiative of the Prodes Italia group, which has been operating for years in the field of fine jewelry, design and art. Prodes Italia, the founder of the now consolidated annual event Artistar Jewels, aims to reflect the same uniqueness and style in this new project as well. In 2019 the company created the first edition of the Milano Jewelry Week, the Milanese Week that celebrates the history, tradition and innovation of the fascinating world of international jewellery.

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